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"When we first received the rail machine we used it to predrill handrail only for rake and level rails. A process that would take 1 guy roughly 5 hours to drill 500 ft of rail using 2 drill presses, was cut down to 2 hours using the rail machine. When we started using the rail machine to build preassembled rail we not only saved on the drill time but on the assembly end we saw the benefit of the machine immediately. An average 5ft rail would take 3 minutes to mark and drill then another 4 to 5 minutes to preassemble on the conventional building tables, takes roughly 2 1/2 to 3 minutes to drill and build simultaneously. We can easily build 4 complete rails on the rail machine to 1 doing things the conventional way. We have taken the machine a step further by having the machine not only predrill handrail but it will also predrill plates for iron balusters to ensure the handrail and plates are 100% accurate. We have a bar code scanner attached to the machine and a bar code on each label of our rail with all the information it would need to automatically move to the position required for each rail. This took all the guess work out of manually punching in the information which saves time and eliminates the chance of human error. We are now running prefinished preassembled rail through the machine with zero defects in the finish. We have had the rail machine for about 4 months now and it has made a huge impact in our day to day operation. With the machine our cost of mistakes are down, shop labor is decreasing, and productivity has gone up since the inclusion of the machine."

Dave Logan,
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..."We were at the show to look at new machinery in general, and I was drawn to [U.S. Concept's] moulder," says Mulla. "We bought it so we could increase our production speed. Time savings alone was reason enough." The results are what they had expected. "It's quick, it's easy to set-up and we're happy because it saves us time, quick changeover and we get faster results,"; Mulla stated. "It's less tension on my men, and they produce better, they work better and it's a less stressful work environment."

Kass Mulla
Ashley Wood Turning
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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You can't beat this machine! I am a 71-year-old woodworker. I've been doing round work for over 25 years starting with a cradle system, through various feeders and machines. I am fully convinced that FAS Arch Moulder is the finest and safest machine on the market. The proof of this statement is the fact that I own two of these machines, and I am considering the third one.

Jerry Terranova
Port Chester, NY
(914) 939-2397

We purchased your horizontal arch shaper in 1993. We were happy with the results, so in May of 2000 we purchased the heavy-duty horizontal tilting arch shaper. We are again a very satisfied customer. Please keep us informed of any new additions to your line of equipment.

Thank you,

Roger L. Powell
Sparks, Nevada
(775) 359-4700

Our company is Midwestern Wood Products Co. We are manufacturers of architectural millwork and wood suspended coffered ceilings and wall systems. We have purchased from US Concepts a double-headed miter saw specially built to our specifications, three different sizes of arched shapers designed for bent crowns and arched casings, a hauncher for coping base mouldings and corbels and an opti-sander designed for sanding profile mouldings.

The quality of the machinery has exceeded our expectations and the pricing is very competitive. We have found the equipment to be very accurate, efficient and reliable, a real help to our business. Our relationship with US Concepts has always been more than satisfactory.

Jerry V. Young
Morton, IL
(309) 266-9771

I have had my FAS since 1993 and it is one of the best investments I've made. I have never had any serious problems with this machine. The machine has paid for itself several times. If this one ever needs to be replaced, I will replace it with another US Concepts.

Thank you for the good service,

Robert L. Garrett
Riverdale, Ga.
(770) 997-4058

Our company has been extremely pleased working with US Concepts, Inc. They worked hand in hand with us creating a machine that was perfect for our needs. We found their helpful staff capable and easy to work with.

Robert G. Haas
San Francisco, Ca.
(650) 588-1082

One of the most technologically advanced, versatile systems. Excellent operation and setup.

Richard Kearns
Campbellsville, KY
(270) 789-3129

Thanks for all your help and knowledge of the machinery. It's good to know that there is someone who understands my needs and can incorporate ideas to meet them.

Thanks for your help,

Bill Wiest
Hickory Hills, IL
(708) 430-4495

Thank you for producing such a quality machine! I have owned and used both Mikron and Stegherr machines. I strongly believe the US Concepts Arch Shaper to be more versatile, better feeding and easier to set-up than the others.

Again, thank you, your machine is a pleasure to use.


Alex Hamilton
Woolwich, Maine
(207) 443-8020

We have been using your US Concepts Arch Moulding Machine in our shop for over a year now, and we are very pleased with the performance. The quality of the cut is so fine, it needs very little light sanding if any at all. The feed is also very smooth, making the machine easy to run. This is a very solid and well built machine, and was well worth the investment we made to add it to our shop.

We have been very successful in widening our line of product offerings with your machine, and have enjoyed new clients as a result of our purchase.

The research we did before our purchase showed us that US Concepts offered the best machine value of all the options available, and owning it has proven that out.

Thanks you,

Phillip Wadsworth
Michigan City, IN
(219) 324-9663

Recently we traded in our M645 to acquire the U.S. Concepts Inc. FAS-LX Arch Moulder. We have found it to be a solidly built machine that is easy to operate and runs smoothly. The machine has many features that make running radius products much easier. We have found the axial adjustment feature to be invaluable where small quantifiable adjustments are required.

Our initial experiences have been very positive. Set-up time has been reduced and feed performance has been smooth and constant.

Thank you for your assistance and support with the purchase of this machine.

Best regards,

Larry E. Trammell
Sanford, FL
(407) 328-7006